Hello world!

So, finally: after trying to install wordpress on a upc server without luck quite a while ago (mysql version too old), then being loaded with work, and still tying to graduate, I am finally back in the digital web world with a new blog. Also this time I am not using proprietary blog system like the old iWeb.

I guess I will be blogging about various things. A lot of professional stuff, but also some things about me and my hobbies. Topics will be as various as my personality, but at least expect things about mobile development (using native technologies), web dev [frameworks like rails, javascript techniques] and REST, e-learning, knowledge management and agile methods. Also expect stuff about Role Playing, like the Black Eye or Vampire the Masquerade. I will keep you updated on my successes on tennis too I guess….

So, lets start again, and this time, I hope this blog will really last…..

Cheers, Joerg

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  1. Looking forward to your musings! Smilie: :)

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