QR-Codes and Coffe

The start was almost like a usual workday. Even if I still have holidays, Andi, my girlfriend had to work, so we woke up at 6:30, got into the car, and I drove her to work.

Being awake already I thought what to do. A short look at the homepage of the Tribeka@Gridkai revealed to me that it was open at the 26. so I decided to go there. That was perfect, because usually the Tribeka, one of the best coffee shops in Graz, is usually a very crowded place. But not at 7:30 AM in the morning, where it is already open. Those lazy bastards! (to him I belonged for very long).

Anyway, skip the rest, now back to the topic.
So I ordered a coffee and looked to the newspaper. Early as it was the Wallpaper* Magazine was still there to take. Not always the case. I like to read that magazine in the morning. If I don’t have luxury by my own, I at least like to dream about it at the morning coffee, and that magazine helps quite well with that. On the other side it fits quite well my taste of style, which is not mainly luxurious, but more modern, avangarde and playfully. So I sit here, skimming trough my dream of what I will do with a billion dollar in a beautiful designed magazine, and suddenly a QR code appeared. As a tech savy person I am I quickly had to test this. Getting out the iPhone, scan, and what happened: A wonderful, sense full movie about fashion appeared. Next side: the QR code showed me videos about cars and the future of transport.

It buffeted me: I am also reading the WIRED magazine and popular science at the iPad regularly. It is the blend of
Media which always fascinated me most with these new tablet magazines. These mixture of text, music and vide.

And here I was having the really similar feel at a traditional newspaper. Sure it did not have the fancy interactive scrolling experience of wired at the iPad, and the background did not change while reading, but it was fascinating never the less. Actually I liked it more. I had my video and music blend tailored to the text I was reading. The screen of the iPhone 4s is large enough for that, and with earphones it is a quite intimate experience even in a coffee house. But you also have the nice haptic feeling of a newspaper, I mean real paper. No display, not even e ink. You have maximum frame rate animations when changing the page, and it is more relaxing. Even if QR codes in newspapers where there for a while I think I never had such a nice experience with them. Especially since they where most of the time used for some kind of lottery alike games and commercials. But in bringing content together in non digital and digital “things” there they have there real power….


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