I am currently reading the Book “Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach” von Russell and Norvig[1]. This book is also the basis for the famous “first” MOOC AI-Course which I took about a year ago[2]. This course is awesome(!), take it!
Now, the book starts with a really nice history of AI, and the history of connected fields.

And here comes what pretty much made my day yesterday. Although I had quite a literacy in the history of computer science, and I was aware of Konrad Zuse and the Z-3, what kind of slipped trough my Fingers was that the fist really working von Neumann high level language was actually a language called “Plankalkül” [3] from Konrad Zuse which he developed in the Second World War in Germany. This was also the fist language who had floating point numbers build in. Now, it made my day because it is such a cheesy typical Natzi Germany name, isn’t it? And Zuse hat more words like that. A programme was called Rechenplan and more or less a IDE would be called Planfertigungsgerät. Images of Iron Sky actually slipped into my brain, imagining the scene where this crazy scientist calls to the iPhone “This is not a computer, THIS is a computer” and points to the skyscraper high device there. Just Imagine Germany had won, these terms might have become standard o_O. We would write Rechenpläne now! Smilie: :P

Don’t know, but I found that names just funny ^^

[1] HP of the Book
[2] Udacity AI Course
[3] Wikipedia on Plankalkül

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