AppDevCamp Graz: sharpening the profile

Time passes quickly. It is not the 5th iteration of the AppDevCamp (former iCamp) in Graz wich will be at the 17.-19. April this year. An as time passed in the last years we developed more and more into not the Camp about mobile application development but, hm, the IT Camp of the larger BarCamp Graz where the AppDevCamp is a part of.

The BarCamp Graz is an event where people of 6 different domains (more at ) gather to exchange first and foremost practices within their craft, but also network among them. Because of that I thought it is ok when a session about Test Driven Development is done at the AppDevCamp. Although only partly connected to mobile application development, a pro is, it also connects to the other camps. However, more and more we got fuzzy in our profile (I have to admit @maclemon you were right last year). This year, like the KnowCamp, we want to sharpen our profile again, to provide a better platform for those we from the AppDevCamp organisation care about: Application Developers.

Does that mean there will not be a Test Driven Development, Coding Dojo, Marketing or whatsoever session at the AppDevCamp? No, however, it will be harder for them to get a slot.

The new mode is, that we from the organisation will motivate to hold sessions related to mobile application development, may it be about a JS/HTML5 framework, Android, Swift and iOS or may it be about App Marketing or similar. In case of equal voting we will always give the application development session the advantage. Together with the fact that we mainly target mobile application developers should give the AppDevCamp Graz a crisp profile again. I really look forward to that.

The general language of the BarCamp Graz is german by default. Since I always blog english I did not want to change that Smilie: ;). If you only are able to speak english: The session planning and main announcements will be done in german, and normally all sessions are in german unless you convince the audience (wich should easily be possible Smilie: ;) ).

So, if you are interested in mobile application developement: We just opened the registration, so register at

Looking forward to see you there!

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