#bcg15 / AppDevCamp Day One

Yesterday was day one of the BarCampGraz and with it the AppDevCamp. There were already quite a few people for friday. Registration went fine form most of the people, and we could sort out the little hustles. However we started a little bit late with the main program. This was less a problem than I thought however, as for the first time the welcome round, where everyone tells his name and only his three tags really worked, and this was rather quick. Planning was more chaotic again, but as we did not have strictly more sessions than Program that went fine.


Overal there were many good session topics that day. I a, really sad I missed the hands on live mapping tutorial for open street map, session on sharing complex knowledge, and actually the fandom session, as I am not only a computer geek in my heart, and would love to have been there. The overal program is on the BarCamp Side.

For the AppDevCamp we had 3 Sessions that day. There is a shared documentation for all AppDevCamp Days found in this side, where you also find the 3 I mention now. 

It started with a old and still hot topic on CrossPlattform development. This was a rather full discussion with sharing of practices, strengths and weaknesses of the solutions and so on. My recap was that now there are actually not only small but also large projects done with Hybrit Dev. Solutions. However, we agreed that it is hard to select the right framework. SenchaTouch and Cordova stand out a little bit, Qt might be promising as well. Also we agreed that it depends on your customer / graphical perfectionism. If you need to move a button a pixel left, change the amount if gray a few points in the scale, native is still the way to go. Also a important point it to be featured in the App Store/Marketplace, you want to quickly adopt the UI if a OS update with UI change comes up. Which is more and more frequent. In that case you want to update the UI to be featured / to be kept featured in the AppStore/Marketplace. And that usually works quicker if you have a native UI. Additionally we discussed the problem that many frameworks (like Appacdelerator) use at least non custom CSS / JS, almost define a own DSL. There you bind yourself quite a lot to the framework and often the development of those frameworks drop out of development. So in the end we found out it depends. But at least we shed some light on the current state I think.

Second Session was about Android Root and what you can make with it. Here especially we talked about tools, Multirom and custom restore are for sure tools I will try those and I think they can also be used for Dev. The one is like a boodloader allowing multiple Android versions on the phone, the other allows to create custom android restores to easily switch back or switch between versions. This really creates the safety net to start messing around with your system. Another point was privacy. With root tools like XPrivacy or the exposed framework get possible. I am somewhat twisted here, as on the one hand this is good, but for the normal user (so my parents f.e. I do not want to have root enabled anyway) so they are not a long term solutions, bur for us techies is is a way to go….

In the last session we talked about our Registration System, this is a OS tool for BarCamp registration. It is on GitHub and everyone is free to fork and send Paul who is mainly responsible push request. We would need the possibility to not only unregistered but change the date Smilie: :). Anyway we talked about the reasons why it is that way. This will be a own blog once I guess so I leave that out!

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