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Android Color stuff

At one project of mine we had to play with colors quite a lot. The customer has high claims when it comes to the quality of visual appeal and user interfaces. So the things have to be shaded, animated, properly … Continue reading

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GWT Layout and Tables

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, modern web development also means, to not use Tables for the Layout, but just when you actually want to show … a Table! Like a Table in a Document or so. … Continue reading

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George Lucas strieks back

As beeing a huge Star Wars Fan from episode 4 – 6 I was always wondering about the new Triology. This explains it all:

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Hello world!

So, finally: after trying to install wordpress on a upc server without luck quite a while ago (mysql version too old), then being loaded with work, and still tying to graduate, I am finally back in the digital web world … Continue reading

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